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We are General Contractors located in Jackson, WY.

Excellent custom experience, high quality craftsmanship, and the most competitive pricing and performance in town – it’s a challenging standard that we set for ourselves.

The custom homebuilding market in Jackson is very unique, and has created a highly unusual culture.  Local contractors boast of business’ born and bred here in Jackson.  We disagree.  Our business philosophy and work ethic was not cultivated in the Jackson climate of bottomless budgets and absentee owners. 

Before moving TKG Construction to Jackson in 2003, owner Toby Grohne grew up in the family construction company in the highly competitive markets of Asheville, NC and Vero Beach, FL.  Being some of the hottest markets on the east coast, competition is fierce.  Competition requires excellence to succeed.  

We believe that one of our most important responsibilities is to be able listen to your priorities, and to be able to perform to your ideals.  Do you desire museum quality finishes throughout your estate? We can do that.  Or, do you need wonderfully practical finishes for your resort lodging at highly competitive pricing and pace? We can do that too.

There are great craftsmen in the Jackson area, but you will find that most of them hang their hat on quality alone.  We challenge that philosophy.  It’s easy to create a perfect piece of craftsmanship at a premium price.  It is far more challenging to bring this quality to mid-market pricing and competitive timelines.  This is where we stand alone.