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We have experienced explosive growth due to our ability to accomplish the most challenging large commercial projects under very difficult conditions and timelines. We have completed many large projects under crushing timelines, accommodating the needs of our repeat resort clients.  We are able to do all of this at very competitive rates because of a simple and pragmatic approach to our company overhead. You'll have excuse us for not being as flashy as some of the big interstate operations - but you'll like it when you get your bill.

Also, unlike our competitors, we self perform our projects.  We aren’t 3rd party labor brokers.  We will work with you personally with our own staff – each and every day.  As a local owner, Toby Grohne will be personally attentive to every detail of your project.   


With a lifetime of custom design built construction experience, we have dealt with every challenge you might encounter.  Arts and Crafts…Rustic Timber…Modern and Contemporary – what’s your penchant? We have the personal experience and professional relationships to help you complete your vision – whatever your style might be.  

Contract Labor

TKG Construction has developed a great pool of local talent.  Over the years we have continued to expand to the point where can generate crews for many jobs.  We provide subcontract labor to many local contractors to help others complete their projects.  From framing to finish, we can provide excellent subcontract crews to help you complete your obligations.  With a depth of experienced project managers, we can offer management assistance too.